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Welcome to watch recordings from SIMDAX® at ISICEM 2019
March 19–22, 2019


Join us for clinicalXchange and symposium recordings

The peer-to-peer discussions were held at 39th ISICEM in Belgium, on March 19–22, 2019. The symposium was held on March 20.


Location: Square, Brussels Meeting Center, Belgium. Peer-to-peer discussions are held in Meeting Room, Hall 2 (exhibition area) and the Satellite Symposium in Copper Hall.

More info: https://www.intensive.org/1/main.asp


Tuesday, March 19

11:10–11:25 clinicalXchange
Levosimendan hemodynamic effects: Still unique in its kind?
Antoine Herpain, Belgium

Wednesday, March 20

11:10–11:25 clinicalXchange
Decatecholaminization of ICU: Why and how?
Fabio Guarracino, Italy

Wednesday, March 20
Satellite Symposium

18:15–19:45 Satellite Symposium: "Time and balance in critical care: News and views"
Location: Copper Hall, Square

Fabio Guarracino, Italy
Wesley Ely, USA

News and views
Jean-Louis Vincent, Belgium

Preoperative Levosimendan in CABG: A new analysis may shed more light
Matthias Heringlake, Germany

Cardio-renal interplay: Levosimendan as a kidney friendly inodilator
Sven-Erik Ricksten, Sweden

Sedative choice in the critically ill
Yahya Shehabi, Australia

Procedural use of dexmedetomidine
Dan Longrois, France

Thursday, March 21

11:10–11:25 clinicalXchange
Levosimendan as a first-line inotrope in cardiac surgery – Practical aspect, limitations and pitfalls
Matthias Heringlake, Germany